4 Popular Types of Interior House Paint

You have decided to give your house a new look! Well, that’s great. Whenever you’re painting an area of your home, it’s an opportunity to give your space a unique vibe. The combination of different colors finishes, and sheens can be exciting.

There are different types of interior house paints but choosing one from them is pretty confusing! Here is a brief overview of the most common house finishes for the interior to help you choose the better option of a new perfect shade and sheen.

Most Common Type of Interior House Paint

Changing the color of your home will give a whole new life to a space. The color or sheen you choose can set the tone of the room. Every house paint needs a finish, so here are the most popular types of house finishes for the interior of your home.

Matte House Finish

Using a matte house finish will give a graceful look. However, a matte paint finish is used primarily for exterior walls. Matte house finish absorbs the light inside your home and gives a soft look to the space. Matte house paints are commonly used for ceilings and formal rooms.

Satin House Finishes

House finishes with a satin sheen is an excellent choice for interiors like dining room, family rooms, and kitchens. Satin house finish gives a pearl-like luster, making it the most popular choice for house owners.

High Gloss House Finishes

High gloss house finishes are durable and easy to clean. This paint finish is perfect for the kitchen, trim, bathrooms, and door frames.

A high gloss house finish will show brush strokes and imperfections on the wall. We recommend having an interior painting service in Aurora to apply them.

Semi-Gloss House Paints

These shiny house paints are a fantastic choice for kids’ rooms or playrooms. Semi-Gloss house paint is easy to clean and durable to give long-lasting effects. They also include the lines of brush strokes.

Summing up

If you’re still confused regarding the renovation of home interiors, you can consult the interior painting services in Aurora. AR painting Colorado believes that painting your home is more than simply the color as it adds a positive aura to the property.

To be the best interior painting contractor in Aurora, you must apply the paint to perfection in the home interiors, giving you a delicate appearance as viewed from all verticals. At A&R Painting Colorado, Our team has the experience and knowledge to give your house a new alluring look. We create the perfect shade and sheen beyond your imagination.